Hands of an Assailant (eyesofavictim) wrote in bad_service,
Hands of an Assailant

Oh, Walmart...

I went to Walmart last week and left feeling horrible about the service I received and the way I was treated.

First, I headed off to the lingerie section to buy some undies. After looking around for a while and picking up a few items, I notice that the older woman working in the section was sort of...hovering around me. I really don't like being stared/glared at while I'm looking for bras, thankyou, so I moved to the edge of the section to see what they had over there. Within a minute, she was next to me again. She was obviously not really working. She was just pulling items off the racks and then putting them back. So I move again to a different part of the section. And, once again, I find her a little ways behind me staring at me and pretending to work. Disturbing.

But by now I've found a bra I like, and I head towards the dressing room in the ladies section to try it on. After all, different companies sometimes cut the same size differently, so I like to be sure it fits. While I am in the dressing room, I hear someone come in. I don't think anything of it until I see under the door that the person - whoever they are - is slowly pacing in front of the changing stall I'm in...despite the fact that every other stall is open and empty. I finish quickly and open the door...AND THERE IS LINGERIE SECTION WOMAN. She followed me. I give her a confused look (because by now I'm getting really creeped out) and start to leave. As I turn the corner, I look back to see she's checking the changing stall I was in.

Luckily that was the last I saw of her. I headed to the shoe section really quick to see if they had anything nice in for my size. I found a sneaker I liked, but it was one size too small. I looked all over the section for someone to ask if Walmart might have extras in storage for something. There's nobody working in the shoe department or in any of the areas near it. Even Lingerie Section Woman is nowhere to be seen. And the whole section was a MESS. There were piles of shoes - both in and out of boxes - EVERYWHERE. There was even an employee trolley in the middle of one aisle with a huge pile of boxes spilling off it. But no employees to be seen.

Fine, I forget it and head to the diet pills/diet bars section. I look for Slim Fast bars...but alas there are no Slim Fast products in the entire section except for those big cans of powder drinks. I look around the section and the aisles near it - no one to ask about it. The only employees I see are the ones hanging out nearby at the Health Advice and Prescriptions counter. There are five of them back there, and 4 out of 5 were just lounging around talking on cellphones. But maybe they were just on break - I honestly don't know. Anyway, I head up to the girl who looked like she was actually on duty. I figure that since her counter is right next to the health-junk aisle, she might know about the bars, or at least be able to point me in the direction of an employee who does. Our conversation went as follows:

Me: Excuse me, I was looking over there for some Sl-
Me: Oh. Well, do you know where the employees who work in that section are, then?
Her: Nobody works in that section.
Me: ...So there's nobody I can ask?
Her: *heavy sigh, turns to one of the employees on a cellphone behind her*
Her: Hey, where's Liz? She's got a customer.
Other Employee: *shrug* Iunno.
Her: *to me* You can go ask Customer Service if anyone's there. But I don't think anyone is.

And at the end of that sentence, she stood up, turned her back on me, and walked into the back room. Okay. Bye bye then.

So I gather up some other things and bring my purchases to the register. Because, by now, I just want to leave. But, alas, I am not allowed to leave without a couple more jabs. As the cashier girl rang up my purchases, she decided it would be delightful to either comment on or make a face at every single one. She apparently decided it was very important that I know that:

"Protein Bars are stupid. They're, like, the dumbest thing I've ever heard of."
"Oh, these bras are really nice. I have this set."
"I have some sketch books like this too! Except mine are a little nicer."
and "This trail mix looks gross."

Are you kidding me? Am I on candid camera? How can one shopping experience be so bad? I've never had problems at that particular Walmart before! On my way out, I looked at the Customer Service area (its right by the doors) and, lo and behold, Pharmacy Worker Girl was right. There was nobody there. The lights in the area were on, but there was nobody behind the desk. Even the greeter was nowhere to be seen. :\
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