nestealover2002 (nestealover2002) wrote in bad_service,

I'm new to this community, btw.
This isn't bad service, but it's kind of an odd story.

I have a new digital camera and I have gone to the same Black's to get my pictures printed off since I bought the 100 prints card back in December. I use the self-service station and then I go to the counter to give the cashier the slip. Usually it's the same guy that is always in there so he kind of knows me. This time I had been taking pictures of my music class on the last day of school. I wanted an 8 by 10 printed, so they printed it for me.

I forgot that you have to pay for the 8 by 10, so he rang my total up and said that will be $12.74
I replied with "Yikes!" because I didn't think it would be that much. (Black's is so expensive! x.x)
Anyway, then he asks me if my parents are going to give me a refund.
I looked at him weird and said no, they're my pictures, I don't expect my parents to pay me for my own expenses.
Then he said oh well you should ask them for a refund anyway.
I said No, I have a job, I can pay for these things myself.
He gave me a weird look and then I took my pictures and left shaking my head.

Sure, I may be young but I don't expect my parents to pay for things that I want especially when I have my own job. I thought that whole conversation was weird.
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