Creeping Over the Pond (iluq) wrote in bad_service,
Creeping Over the Pond

Wow, sorry I'm not psychic!

I was buying a few small textbooks at my university bookstore today, and carrying a huge messenger bag/purse with me. I really hate wasting plastic, so as I was checking out I told the cashier, "I don't need a bag."

Immediately, the lady on the register next to hers (must have been a supervisor or something) YELLED "Oh yes you do!"

The cashiers who were helping me (one ringing me up, one bagging me) politely said, "Sorry, for security purposes you have to have a bag."

I said okay and let them put my books in a bag.

After I took the bag and thanked the cashier the lady angrily screamed, "For security purposes EVERYONE NEEDS A BAG!!"

Wow, thank you for embarrassing me and the cashiers in front of everyone unnecessarily. I understand that a lot of people are buying books now and she must be stressed, but 1.) The cashiers clearly know the policy, as they were the ones who stated it to me and bagged me, and 2.) When they told me I needed a bag I didn't make a big deal out of it, and immediately agreed. There were much nicer ways she could have said that instead of announcing to the entire bookstore that *someone didn't want a bag!*
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