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more refunding fallout

after the previous two updates, the following has now occurred:

i checked my bank statement/ on saturday morning - everything was correct! hooray! "withdrawal: greetings and readings $15.74 wednesday 1/10" followed by "credit: greetings and readings $15.74 thursday 1/11."

but! there was a message on my answering machine from a different CSM [customer service manager] - the message didn't say why she was calling but it gave her extension and said i should call her back. i call the store again and the extension is busy. i'm not terribly concerned because i know that everything has been fixed - she probably just wanted to say something customer-service-y about the whole thing.

we lost the game that afternoon. :(

i called again yesterday (monday) morning and the original CSM picked up. ...ugh. she didn't know why [CSM #2] had called, so she said she'd ask around and could i please call back. fine. i move into my college dorm for the spring semester and don't have time to call back; i'd planned to do it today.

mom got into work today to find four faxes on her desk from this woman. at the bottom of one is a handwritten note "alethiometric owes us [the store] $15.74!"

mom calls. "what do you mean alethiometric owes you $15.74?"

"look at the printouts!"

mom does; the faxes are copies of the register tapes from the transactions. "you have three register tapes here; one is the original transaction, with my daughter's signature. the second, from thursday, is marked "phone-in order" which is incorrect, and charges my daughter's card a second time. the third tape, timestamped in the same minute as the second tape, shows that the cashier realized her mistake and voided the second transaction."

"no no, you're not reading them correctly!"

"...[mom explains it again.] it would seem that your store actually owes my daughter $15.74."

now the woman wants copies of my bank statement (please remind me how that is her business at all?), my original receipt, and other things - because she doesn't understand anything at all. SO ANGRY. mom's going to bring it home from work and i'm going to go over it with her and i don't know what we can do; my bank statement is so far correct (there's a charge on there that i don't remember, but it's not for the correct amount so it can't be anything from this store) so there are no charges to reverse. this woman seems to think that there's an unsettled balance. but there ISN'T.

how is someone so wildly incompetent able to keep a job as a manager/supervisor? all i need is a refund: i gave her the transaction number that she said was the only thing she needed, and she couldn't. just. do it.

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