bellefior (bellefior) wrote in bad_service,

Yet Another Great Moment in Telemarketing History

Yesterday's WTF moment came courtesy of a telemarketer.  The phone rang and someone asked for Josephine--my mom.  Well I knew immediately it was a telemarketer because my mom passed away 9 years ago--in fact, the 9 year anniversary is this coming Saturday. 

So I asked, "may I ask who is calling and what is this regarding"?  It was the Fraternal Order of Police (I think).  I then told the person on the other end that Josephine was my mom, that she was deceased, and that the 9 year anniversary of her death was coming up on Saturday, so to do himself a huge favor and remove her name and number from their solicitation list and not to call our house again. 

I was polite, but might have unintentionally a little short with him, since whenever my mom's anniversary date approaches I tend to be a little sensitive about it  We're still trying to figure out how he got her name and number since it's an unlisted number (always has been), it's been in my name for the last 9 years, and I changed my last name almost 4 years ago.

The telemarketer was polite, so where was the bad service you may ask?  Using a solicitation list that is at least 10 years out of date.
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