Danielle (pizza_assassin) wrote in bad_service,

Best Buy

Dear Best Buy employees,

In the last few weeks, I've been to your store three times. Twice, I left annoyed. Those really aren't good odds.

The first time, my boyfriend and I came in looking for a monitor. When we walked into the computer section, three salespeople stopped us and asked us what we needed. The following conversation left me just a bit unhappy.

Sales guy: What can I do for you?
Me: We're just looking, thanks.
Boyfriend: We might be in the market for a new monitor.
Sales guy: Well what do you use the computer for? Games? I bet you're a World of Warcraft player.
Boyfriend: Kinda, I guess. I've played it once or twice.
Me: Yeah, it's more my game.
Sales guy: Right...*turns back to my boyfriend* So are you horde or alliance? What server? I love Warcraft, I play all the time. If I were you I'd get *amazingly expensive 24 inch flat screen monitor*
Sales guy #2: No, no, no! I'd get *other brand of insanely expensive monitor* for games!

See, sales guys, my boyfriend used the word "we", because I'm involved in the decision too. In fact, it's my computer we're replacing. So completely ignoring me to chat with my boyfriend about a game he doesn't play was probably not a great idea. It's alright though because when we left without buying anything, we came back the next week and bought a computer, not just a monitor, from someone who provided good service.

The second time I was disappointed in you was just yesterday. My sister called me and asked me if I'd take her to buy a Nintendo DS or an MP3 player. I suggested Best Buy. Dearest employees, I'm terribly sorry I didn't know there are no DS Lites available in the city. I assumed since it's been three weeks since Christmas, demand would have died down. However, there is no reason to laugh at me when I ask if you have any, and frankly, I don't think the words "Hey, can you help me out with something? What's the price of your DS Lites?", were so hilarious, that they required you to call over your buddy so that he could laugh at me too.

Also, the correct answer to "What's the price of your DS Lites?" is not "Heheehee, I dunno, like $120-ish or something?" Similarly, the answer to "When will you have more in?" is not "I dunno. We haven't had any in a long time. Like two weeks. So I dunno, like maybe another two weeks or something?" If you don't know the answer to my question, please look it up. Or better yet, send someone with a smidgen of professionalism over.

Once again, congratulations on losing your store a sale. We bought an Ipod, instead of a DS, at another store.

Absolutely no love,

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