belly___dancer (belly___dancer) wrote in bad_service,

Nurse with a dire need of an attitude adjustment

Sometime last year I was prescribed an antibiotic. I also happened to be on the pill at the time. When the doctor was writing up the prescription, I was in such a miserable state it didn't cross my mind at the time to ask whether or not this would affect my being on the pill. *Usually* the doctor is sure to inform you during your visit, but I wanted to be safe.

So I called a nurse at the clinic and inquired as to whether or not this particular antibiotic would interfere with the effectiveness of the pill and after a short pause she assured me it wouldn't.

I uttered some remark about how that was a relief, and venom suddenly creeped into her voice and she snapped, "WELL SORRY TO BURST YOUR BUBBLE BUT YOU COULD STILL BE PREGNANT." o_O My doctor was pretty confident that I wouldn't get pregnant*, but to be greeted with such a delightful tone made my concerns just disappear. :D

Oh, and then there was the doctor's visit when I was 16 and had a BMI of 18, where the doctor told me I was a "little on the heavy side." Thanks lady, that did wonders for my self-esteem. Man, to this day whenever I wear the same pants size I wonder if I'm fat.

*Yes, I'm aware there is a chance you can get pregnant while on the pill! Since there were no symptoms and I never missed taking one, I wasn't worried.
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