happiness is not a potato (cumaeansibyl) wrote in bad_service,
happiness is not a potato

Short one

Went to Little Caesar's tonight to pick up a couple of those hot-n-ready pizzas, and when I pulled into the drivethru there was a large SUV of some kind parked in the lane, with its driver standing next to it talking to the employee. At first, I figured it was a normal transaction and the woman hadn't pulled up close enough or something, but they both looked out at me and then continued having their conversation. The driver kept leaning into the window and hollering something and laughing, and then the worker would holler back (there was a good deal of swearing, audible from my position some ten feet back). This went on for maybe five minutes and nothing changed hands -- no money, no food -- so it didn't look like a customer waiting on food to me.

When the woman finally pulled away, I just pulled right out after her. Maybe I shouldn't be so mad, but it's not just that they were talking -- it's that they continued talking for several minutes after they noticed I was there. I understand when it's a slow night and your friends come by and bug you at work, but I always thought the friends were supposed to get out of the way when a customer showed up. Damn it, I just wanted some pizza.

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