Creeping Over the Pond (iluq) wrote in bad_service,
Creeping Over the Pond

Hold the cheese. No, seriously.

Whenever I go to a pasta place, I always order my pasta without cheese. This isn't because I'm allergic or anything, but because I don't like cheese. Yet many, many times, I end up getting cheese on my food.

Out of the last four times I've been to California Pizza Kitchen, I've gotten cheese in my order three times. The first time I ordered a pizza without cheese, and it came with cheese. I just ate it anyway because I figured it would be too much effort to make a new pizza. The second time was a take-out order of pasta that my dad picked up for me, and I wasn't going to bother to go back there and fix the order. The third time, miraculously, I got a no-cheese pizza. The fourth time was just yesterday, and I ordered pasta without cheese. The waitress clearly wrote down "no cheese", and yet my order came with Parmesan cheese all over it. I had it sent back.

Also, at one of the noodle restaurants I would order no cheese every single time yet get cheese every single time. Once this had happened two or three times in a row, so I received a "we screwed up" coupon for a free entree. When I told the guy who took my order that the reason I got the coupon was because I had asked for no cheese but gotten cheese, my order finally came without cheese on it.

At Noodles & Company a few times I've also gotten cheese when I clearly asked for no cheese, but generally they're pretty good about it.

I don't get it. How come whenever I add something extra to my pasta, like mushrooms or broccoli, there's never a problem with that, but when I want something taken off my order, there's a problem? I know the cooking staff is so used to putting cheese on EVERYTHING, but they should respect people's wishes when they don't order cheese! I don't know how I can stop this from happening since I always make sure the waitress writes down no cheese, and yet it comes with cheese anyway. Really annoying.
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