louise danger (alethiometric) wrote in bad_service,
louise danger

an update on my ongoing refund request


when last we left our story, she had promised that my refund would be taken care of ASAP, top priority, WTFever.

she called my cell phone (yay) at about 3:30 this afternoon to say that she had found the paperwork and that everything looked to be just like i'd said and she apologized for the delay. according to her, everything was now taken care of. here's the fishy thing: i'd given her the transaction number for the original charge (because i didn't have a receipt from the second charge which should never have existed). the charge she found was made at 5:19 on thursday - which is when i called to make sure things had been refunded originally!

i was at work, so i couldn't check anything about my bank statement. i called my mom, who is a co-signer on my checking account (in addition to being a banker) and asked her to please look it up. she also asked for the number of this woman, which i gave her.

about half an hour later (it's now around four), mom calls back, says that manager had been no help at all, that my online statement (which updates practically instantaneously when i swipe my card) reflected no credits from the store, and that manager had refused to fax my mom a copy of the receipt that she had found. "oh, alethiometric has to request that, ma'am, i'm sorry - you're not on the account."

i hung up with mom (after getting her fax number) and called this woman for the fifth or sixth time.

guy: "customer service, how can i help you?"
me (firmly but not yelling or impolitely): "i'd like to speak with [J]."
guy: "hang on a sec"
me: *continues doing some work in the back of the shop while i wait for her*
J: "this is [j], how can i help you?"
me (slightly less polite but still not yelling. just annoyed.): hi, [j], this is alethiometric.
J: oh, hi, how are you? ^_^
me: ...i've been better.
J: oh, i'm sorry to hear that.
me: i would like you to send the fax to the following number right now. please.
J: sure, that's no problem at all.
me: *reads number; she confirms it as i read it to her* attention [my mom].
J: and you understand why i needed you to call me, right, hon?

CUT THE CRAP AND GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY YOU MORON. 'HON' may be a colloquialism of baltimore, rest its beehived soul, but when i'm upset and you're holding onto my money, NO.

me: yes.
J: great. i'll send that fax right over.

about an hour later, i call mom (because i hadn't heard back from her). mom says she never received the fax; i call J again "oh i got a confirmation fax i sent it blahblah [confirms the number] but this is perfect timing because i have the other receipt i'm looking at it right now blahblah."

i call mom back; can't reach her because she's driving home. i wait another hour (it is now 7 PM) and drive home from work. mom has the fax - a copy of the receipt from the refunded transaction along with a note to mom about "i wanted to send you the credit ASAP blahblah."

at the top of the receipt, the charge is " - $15.74."
at the bottom, my total tender is somehow $15.74. not a negative amount. i don't know what's going on. by the time i have a chance to do anything after work, the bank's CSRs in the phone center are gone so i can't get the ball rolling on reversing charges. depending what my statement looks like (web banking is currently unavailable, argh) in the morning, i'm going to give the bank a call and say "let's get the ball rolling."

i am hoping i don't have to wait until monday to take care of all this insanity. i just want my $31.48 back please and thanks. >:|

what ever happened to simple cash registers? at my job, you just type in the amount, hit the RF key on the register, and then hit the "department." SO EASY.

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