The Forgotten Colloquialist (papermuse) wrote in bad_service,
The Forgotten Colloquialist


A couple of months ago I was going through all of our bills and putting them on auto-pay and/or paperless on line statement bill paying. Comcast is our internet and cable provider and when I went to their site to do this, they were "upgrading" and wouldn't be updating or taking new accounts for at least a month. Ok fine. Well, today I decided to go back and sign up for on line bill paying. After digging out my bill and entering all of my information and clicking "I Agree" to the terms I get a message stating something along the lines of:

Currently we do not have on line bill paying services available in your area. We are working hard to make this service available to all Comcast customers so please check back in the future"

Say what? Its ONLINE BILL PAYING!!! WhyTF would you not have this service available to all customers???What makes me, living in Abingdon, Va, any different from Jane Jones living in Miami, Florida? You know, if any of you out there know why its reasonable that I cannot pay this bill on line, please let me know. I really REALLY want a reasonable explanation and I can't think of why on line services would not be available anywhere.

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