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I called TEAC's tech support to ask about my DVD-R drive and I got a lady on the line. She was awesome at first because she didn't treat me like I knew nothing and she obviously wasn't reading from a script. But.

I told her that the player could read CDs but not DVDs; that I'd put a DVD in and the computer would tell me there was no disc in there. She has me bring up PowerDVD and check settings, and all the while I'm saying, "It's not a problem with PowerDVD because I can't access the drive from My Computer."

And she says I shouldn't be able to do that anyway. I paused and said, "You know, I've gone into Explore on DVDs before and seen a bunch of data files. This is telling me there's nothing there at all." But nooo, it's PowerDVD, and she finds me a patch for it and we hang up.

W. T. F.

I don't know whether she honestly thinks you can't access data off a DVD without writer software or if I was interfering with her nail-painting. I would have pushed the topic, but it was becoming abundantly clear that we'd reached the limits of her knowledge.:/ I'll call back in a bit, I guess, and see if I can't get someone who can help me.
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