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so. i live in/outside of baltimore, and if you follow football at all, you know that the colts returning to baltimore is shaping up to be The Game™. baltimore is going nuts, turning itself purple etc. there's a certain t-shirt in town that is the hot ticket to have for today and tomorrow.

on wednesday at 2:30 i went to a store about an hour from my house that sells it; they were sold out but were taking orders for the following day. so i ordered one for my dad with my visa card [it's a debit card with the visa logo]. as i continued through the shopping center, i saw another store that was selling them for $1 more - but they still had them in stock.

immediately i purchased one, thinking "i'll just cancel the other order." WRONG.

the very next thing i did was go across the shopping center to the first store.

"hello, i just placed an order for a beat indy!shirt and i'd like to cancel it."
"well when did you make it?"
"about 45 minutes ago."
"well if it's still here then we'll just cancel it." so they looked but it had already gone into processing.
"tell you what; we'll make a note that says when the order is pulled to refund your card's money."
"sounds good to me."

the order wasn't supposed to be ready until after 1 pm yesterday. i called around 5 to make sure that everything was in order, explaining things again (i made the order, cancelled it, was told i'd get a refund, etc); the lady asked me for my credit card number and said that everything would be taken care of.

today when i check my balance, not only has my money not been refunded, but a second withdrawal has been made! i called immediately, but their customer service line was busy. i will be calling again and making sure that what is now BOTH of my transactions get refunded.

go ravens!

edit #1: i called and spoke to a real person (a customer service manager on duty) who said that she can't do anything without the transaction number - she said it was from the bank.

so i called the bank and spoke to a real person (i was so happy) who said that the transaction number would be on the receipt. i don't have a receipt for the second withdrawal; it was never supposed to happen! ARGH. the lady at the bank said that we could either start one charge dispute (for the already posted charge) today and wait until tomorrow to start the other one, or we could wait until tomorrow to get the ball rolling on both. i told her to hold off on that for a moment so that i could get in touch with the store again and give them a chance to figure things out.

so i called and talked to the manager again, and she said she has none of my paperwork. no order, no copy of the receipt, nothing. just as i start to say, "here's what's going to happen," she says "let me get your credit card number again and i'll take it over to the cash office and see if they know anything." so now i'm waiting for her call.

if they charge my card a third time for this stupid shirt, i won't even give them a chance to refund anything - the bank is going to get involved. there is no transaction number for the second charge because there wasn't supposed to be a second transaction. and a store who doesn't keep a copy of its receipts (even in someplace far off) is a pretty terrible store. this one's been in business for 30 or 40 years, is huge (kind of like a local version of a borders), and just... argh.

more updates as i find out more!

edit #2: so i called her back (my copy of the receipt was hiding in the bottom of my purse away from my other receipts) with the transaction number, and she said it will definitely be taken care of today. i gave her my cell phone number (in addition to my home number, which she already had) and she is to call me as soon as it's taken care of.

she has until 7:15 (when i get home from work). if it's not done by then, i will call her to let her know that the charges are being reversed through the bank, that i gave her plenty of time to work everything out, and that there's nothing more she can do to make my order correct.

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