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I'm in Florida right now. Have been for the past 2.5 months. Trying out a new job and whatnot. Well, when I left Texas back in the middle of November I just had my boyfriend pick up my last 2 AMC checks from my job. Well, when I went to visit him from 01.09 - 01.11 I found my last check but I could not find my next to last one. So I went back to Texas from 02.02 - 02.04 While I was there I went to AMC and filled out the form to have replacement check issued. And then I found the old check on the next day. So I called my theatre and explained I found it, someone in my boyfriend's closet, and I was going to see if a local check place could cash it, if they could I would not need the new one and if they couldn't AMC was going to go ahead and mail the request off for the new one.

All fine and well.

Except when I get to the check cashing place.

C - Cashier
M - Uhm, yeah.
J - My boyfriend.

C - Can I help you?
M - Yeah, I wanted to cash my last check from my old job, but I have a Florida ID can you still cash it?
C - Sure.
J - Is she able to use my check cashing card if you need?
C - No but I can go ahead and sign her up.
M - Okay, thanks!! :D
C - But I can't cash this check.
J - Okay..
C - Because see the date? 11.20.03 I had a fake cehck tried to be cashed last week from the EXACT same time period. :: looks me up and down ::
M -Okay, that's fine.
J - Gonna call AMC and just have them send the new one then?
M - Yeah. Thanks for you help. =) :: to cahsier who has the extremely pissed look on her face ::

Now this is where I get pissed. The look she gave me and her tone was saying that I was trying to cash a fake checl. Or a bad one or something. Now I did not HAVE to have this check cashed, it had an 180 period but I thought it'd be nicer to see if I could cash it, rather than waiting and mailing it to my savings account on my parents credit union.

And then the cashier's tone was that of one she wanted me to argue with her. And I swear she looked pissed that I didn't.

I mean, I understand if you have had a problem with bad checks and you can't take mine, I have NO problem with that, but she was acting like since I was young I was trying to pass this fake check. And she wanted to be able to get rude to me.

I just say this because she had the sweetest nicest tone when I walked up, and then she turned as soon as she saw the check date. I was just rude of the way she said it, like she was accusing me. Thank for letting me vent!!

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