Blank (therosewilde) wrote in bad_service,

You know those catalogues of cleaning products or such, that they push through your door, and if you don't want them, you just give them back when the people come around?

We got one of those last week. My housemate threw it out, which you're not meant to do, but it looked like junkmail and wasn't addressed to either of us, so it went in the bin.

The guy came around to collect it Wednesday. I explained that my housemate threw it out. He told me to go look for it, that I must be confused.

I said no, it was thrown out, sorry.

He kept telling me to go look because I couldn't have thrown it out. I told him we didn't have it.

He put his foot in my door as I was trying to close it.

I told him he had until the count of three before I slammed the door on it and called the cops. He left.

Yesterday, he showed up again. Same "Where is it? You have to give it back if you don't want to order."

Today. Same. I've told him if he comes again, i'm calling the police for harassement. I probably won't, it seems a waste of their time, but what does he hope to achieve? No, my housemate shouldn't have thrown it away, but if you put junk through our door then we will just toss it out, and harassing me won't change the situation - what am I meant to do, magic one up?
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