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Crappy online service

I ordered a unitard from Dancewear Solutions on October 14. About a week later, I recieved it, tried it on, and it promptly ripped down the seam- even though I'm well within the measurements listed for the size I ordered. After a few weeks of deliberating on if returning it was worth the loss in shipping charges, cost to ship it back to them, and the $8 return charge, I put it in the mail to return it- on November 14. About six weeks after that, I contacted them through their website and asked why my refund has not been charged back to my card. They haven't even BOTHERED to contact me back.

I'm going to get my boyfriend to call their customer service line tomorrow or Monday, because I know I'll have trouble keeping a cool head if they tell me they won't refund my money. Luckily, I did get insurance on my package at my mother's suggestion... so I should be able to get my money back from the post office if they claim they never got it, right?

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