Erin's Musings (dragonsfancy) wrote in bad_service,
Erin's Musings

Debit card woes

You know, I don't ask much when I patronize a restaurant. In the drive thru, I'm courteous no matter how slow the person at the window is. I'll even go inside if I have a complicated specialty order.

That said, why oh why can't I just get charged for what I spend? Why does it have to be a constant fight to get stupid shit corrected that shouldn't have happened in the first place?

One Saturday, I drove the fifty miles to my best friend's house to give her her ID badge for work so she wouldn't get written up. On the way home, I stopped at Krystal's because the husband and I have a mad passion for those teeny burgers. I went through the drive-thru and got a "sackful", which is 12 Krystal burgers and then I also ordered three chili-cheese mini-dogs. According to my calculations, the total should have been around eleven or twelve dollars. The cashier didn't announce the total, she just urged me to drive around. When I got to the window, she ran my debit card and handed me the receipt. She charged me sixteen dollars and some odd change. I read the receipt carefully and instead of ringing up chili cheese dogs, she rang up chili-cheese fries. Simple mistake, no problem. When I pointed it out to her, the manager came over to the window and said, "Are you sure you said chili-cheese dogs?". That irked me, but still, not overall bad service. I responded to her that I was positive of what I ordered. She refunded the cost to my card and then re-rang everything. I handed over my card for this and then I got my food.

All was well, or so I thought. Two weeks have passed now and my refund still hasn't shown up in my account, though the two back to back debits from Krystal's has. I contacted my bank and they assured me that they process credits within three business days. Not terrible service, but irritating enough so that I will only pay in cash from now on.

So, today is an off-day from work thanks to a personal day that I had lurking around in my PTO bank at work. The husband managed to finagle his way out of work thanks to a piece of machinery breaking down. We sleep in and then get up this afternoon, hungry. We decide on Domino's for him and Lee's chicken for me. Since the two restaurants are side by side, we opted to pick the pizza up rather than have it delivered. We head down there and get the pizza. The total was $14.03. I pay with my debit card and get a receipt that says $14.03 and then a line for a tip beneath it. Well, I didn't tip because I picked the pizza up. Now, if I have the pizza delivered, I tip always. All is well, so we pick up my chicken next door and head home. Tonight, I'm looking at my checking account via online banking. I see a debit from Domino's for $16.82. That's a $2.79 difference from what I was told and from the receipt that I signed. Is it possible that the countergirl added in the $2.79 as a tip or what? At any rate, it's annoying as hell when my money is dicked around with.

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