Hope (snowowl) wrote in bad_service,

My SO and I went to Hunan in Boone, NC for dinner tonight.  We got there before the rush.  We were our waiter's only table.  After dropping off our food, he disappeared in the back.

My SO had a spicy chicken dish, and he soon ran out of soda.  Our waiter never came back -- not until long after we were finished eating.  He dropped off the check and left without a word.  Not one refill, nothing.

I'm a generous tipper.  Usually around 30%.  I was baffled at how badly we'd been neglected...I mentioned it to a friend of mine, and she said, "Oh, it's a Chinese thing.  You didn't stiff him, did you?"  Of course I stiffed him.  And why would it be "a Chinese thing"?  O.o
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