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Minor Ebay Issues

These happened awhile ago, but I just recently was pointed to this comm. by a friend suggesting I vent here.

Last summer, I was taking one class at my university, and had 2 jobs (@ a daycare and @ a restaurant) so I had a lot of extra cash. 75% of my paycheck went to savings, and some was left for me to just screw around with. I found a blue accoustic guitar on ebay for $2.99 and shipping was marked at about $20. I was surprised shipping was so low (for a guitar), but since I had money to play around with, I figured I could get extra shipping insurance for it, and it'd be alright. I made the purchase on the first of a month (I can't remember which month, I just remember it was the first), and I got confirmation from the seller that the item would shipped that day. He said it could take up to three weeks for it to be shipped to me and I said that's fine.

When you pay through paypal, and they do shipping through paypal, you get an email confirming a ship. A week went by and I didn't get this confirmation email. It was possible he didn't print out shipping stuff through paypal but I wanted to be sure, so I emailed the seller asking if they could send me confirmation that it was for sure shipped. No response.

Three weeks went by, and I still hadn't gotten confirmation or my item, so I sent the seller another email. Still no response.
Four weeks went by and I reported the issue to ebay. They couldn't get a response from the seller, but the case was left open for a certain amount of time (I believe 2 weeks).

A couple days after reporting it to ebay, I left negative feedback for the seller. Within MINUTES the seller left me negative feedback and sent a nasty email about not sending payment. Claimed I never paid, so the item was never shipped. Ebay finally got him to send me the item, though he still claims I never paid for it.

I bought a magazine from the 90s with Hanson on the cover for a friend's birthday (I'll admit, I wanted to see the issue too as it was one I somehow missed), and marked at only $4.95 with free shipping, it seemed like a deal. Again, I used paypal to pay for the item, and I got confirmation the next day that it would be shipped by the end of that week.

A week went by and I didn't get confirmation that it was in fact sent, so I emailed the seller. They apologized saying they got busy and forgot about it, and they'd send it the following week. I said no problem as it was the middle of summer and said friend's birthday was a couple months away.

Another week went by and I hadn't heard anything, so I emailed the seller yet again, and got no response. He'd gotten back so quickly the time before, that after a couple days of sending the email, I asked ebay to step in to see if they could get in touch. They couldn't, so I was told to escalate the issue to a claim, instead of just a dispute. I did so, and after 2 weeks they found in my favor, but the seller had no funds in his paypal account to pay me back. It was only $5 I was out, but it made me mad.

Like I said, not huge issues, but they seemed to fit here.
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