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First post, and is it EVER a doozy.

First post, and I have a WHOPPER to share. This goes beyond bad service, this is the kind of thing that makes me want to drive 100 miles out to a friend's and simultaneously beat her apartment's maintenance staff, the restoration people, and the people handling her insurance claim. It's a long story, so I'm going to try to hit the bare-bones of it. The whole mess is detailed in jennies' livejournal.

In effect, why you should NOT rent from High Pointe Club in Harrisburg...

January 11: Friend locks up apartment only to have water pipe burst over her head in instant indoor waterfall. Freaks, calls maintenance, water gets shut off and maintenance SUPPOSEDLY fixes everything.

January 19: Friend spends 3-day weekend visiting family; gets a phone call to find out that the SAME PIPE BROKE, flooding her apartment's ground floor with 4 inches freezing water. TV/VCR/DVD are drenched, plaster everywhere, maintenance cranks heat to 90 and says it must stay there. Rubber seal under door is broken, since the walls absorbed so much water it distorted the doorframe. Insurance company still says place is habitable, and no she can't go to a hotel.

January 20-22: Friend is forced to take leave to deal with insurance claim all week.

January 22: Finally, friend gets a hold of actual insurance agent handling her claim instead of the phone answerers. Agent: "What do you mean, they told you you couldn't go to a hotel?" Turns out she COULD HAVE gone to a hotel and the insurance would have paid for it and she didn't have to take two days off.

January 23: Friend returns to apartment to discover that - in spite of the fact that she TOLD THEM NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING IN HER KITCHEN, the restoration people assigned to take her furniture out during the painting and repair/clean it decided (without telling her) that they were going to clean out her cupboards of everything - pots, pans, plates, utensils, all dry food, microwave. Too late to get a hold of bitch who arbitrarily decided this, so she has to crash with nothing but fruit juice and pickles to eat.

Late that night: Comes home from party (invited to it so she could be fed) to find out there's no hot water in her apartment.

January 24: Water heater issue is fixed; maintenance forgot to turn it on. Friend has developed mild fever and sore throat.

January 26: Harrisburg is nailed by snow. Friend has to take leave again, and braving roads for food is out.

January 30: Painting and apartment repairs mostly done.

February 2: Restoration people bring back friend's stuff. NONE OF IT has been cleaned or repaired and was stacked in kitchen after friend was told "oh, we'll have it in on Tuesday." Friend's insurance agent will be out of office til February 4th.

February 4: Friend has now discovered that not only did they not clean/repair her stuff, they brought some of it back with BRAND NEW DAMAGE. Restoration people say that they were told NOT to clean it. Friend has to threaten to call a lawyer to get Tweedledee and Tweedledum from the restoration company to so much as SEE her tomorrow morning while the insurance agent listens in on the phone. Insurance will not look at the mess until after restoration people have looked at it/tried to fix the mess. Has put about 2 weeks of sick leave dealing with this crap to date (I think).

I'm not even the one dealing with this and it's making me furious.

Anyone know a good lawyer in the Harrisburg area?
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