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what part of "blazingly obvious" don't you understand?

EDIT: I didn't spell check this, so there's typos galore... So just deal :P

grr... you'd think that after nearly 3 years of going to this pharmacy, that they'd have their act together. Well, heh... nope...

My mom had me go to the pharmacy which we've been going to for about 3 years now. The only reason we switched pharmacies, is because my dad got a new job with this company, and his insurance though his employer, which covers most of our perscriptions. However, due to my sister's mental disabilities, she is on Medicade.

This is where things get tricky...

Almost every time I go to the pharmacy to pick up my sister's medicine (3 different medications, all of which get refilled at the same time), they don't run it through Medicade. They run it through my dad's health insurance plan. So everytime I pick up the medicines, they said I owe them something like $175. I tell them no, that my sister is on Medicade, so they have to void that transaction, and re-run the perscription through Medicade. So my 15 minute wait has transpired into a 30 minute wait.

I went and got my sister's medicine today, and I had a curveball tossed at me. The doctor had faxed in two of my sister's 3 medications, and those two went through Medicade, so both of them had a $0.00 payment on them (though I didn't know this until after I was rung up). This is a first, because normally they run all 3 perscriptions through my dad's health insurance, instead of my sister's Medicade, even though every time this happens, the pharmacist refiles the perscription, and we get told that my sister's file has a note saying that she's on Medicade, and that it was a misake, blah blah blah...

I had to stop by the doctors office to get my sister's last perscription, and I went to the pharmacy. I handed the pharmacist the perscription, and in addition to the perscription, I handed her my sister's Medicade card, and told the pharmacist that there should be a $0.00 payment on that perscription. Obviously, the perscription had to be processed through Medicade, and not my dad's health insurance.

I did a few errands while the last perscription was being filled, and came back to the pharmacy to get the medicine. As I was being rung up, the first two medications (the ones the doctor had faxed in), and they came up as $0.00 (again, that's a first). Then came the last perscription. The one that I handed the Medicade card along with, and told the pharmacist that there's a $0.00 payment on it. It rung up as $31.76... ::bangs head on desk::... Well, atleast they ran it through my dad's insurance plan, and did't charge us the $175 that it would have cost without insurance. But even after I handed the pharmacist my sister's Medicade card, and told her that there was a $0 payment, it still somehow got processed through my dad's health insurance!!

This happens almost EVERY time we get my sister's medicine refilled. They say that they have it on file that my sister is on Medicade, thus her medication should have a $0 payment when they ring it up, however they never seem to do it.

I'm usually the one who picks it up, and next time I'm gonna write "MEDICADE PERSCRIPTION - $0.00 PAYMENT" on a Post-It note and put that on the perscription! Since me telling the pharmacist obviously hasn't gotten me anywhere... If that doesn't work, I'll put a post on here, so that people can offer to shoot me between the eyes...

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