Call me Young Gun..... (fd_to_be) wrote in bad_service,
Call me Young Gun.....

My local hospital has the worse service ever.

I was seen in Spetember 2005 after some pretty terrible gallbladder attacks. I was working full time, but that particular job did not give me insurance. My husband and I weren't married yet, so I wasn't on his insurance.

Without going into too much detail, the surgeon's office basically treated me like crap because I didn't have insurance. They refused to take out my gallbladder without a 50% down payment, which I really do understand. Things aren't free. But they treated me so poorly, I cried when I left their office. The surgeon (who has since been sued by two former patients in seperate cases) kept asking me how it could be that I worked full time and didn't have insurance. He asked me if I had even finished high school (I was in college AND working full time at that time). He said that it was really frustrating for him to have to see people who did nothing to get themselves out of poverty (I wasn't in POVERTY, I was uninsured because like millions of Americans that work for a small business full time, insurance is not provided).

So I didn;t have my gallbladder out and have been dealing with it since then.

Well, I have insurance now and decided I'd get the thing out. I went back to the same clinic (different surgeon), thinking that since I had insurance now there should be no problem. WRONG. They treated me like I was lying that I have insurance (I have two insurance companies now, mine and my husbands) and refused to see me unless I paid in full for the office visit and let insurance reimburse me. They said something along the lines of how it was "convienent" that I now have insuance, and they didn;t want to see me unless they had payment up front. Isn;t that illegal?? They refused to see me when i have insurance, because in the past I didn;t and they didn't trust me. They could've called my insurance company and made sure my policies were in effect!

So I left. I'm still livid.
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