Allison (sidekicknomore) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Toyota Financial

Dear Toyota Financial,

Thank you for haveing a confusing call center that took 20 minutes to get an operator. Then spending 20 more minutes explaining that that car payment that is supposed to be taken from my account on the 10th cannot be cancelled becasue its in processing for two days and you just can't stop it. Thanks for also making me goto my bank and have to do a stop payment with them because you can't go into and account and tell it to not take my money.

And too the poor woman that I talked too. I'm sorry that I was a little upset with you, but it was an understandable frustration that you could do nothing but tell me that you could do nothing.


Thank you last month from processing my car payment twice and almost causing me to bounce 15 other checks. Thankfully I was able to gt month into my account from savings in time to save myself. And thanks for be just and unhelpful then. Telling my I needed to get a letter from my bank and wait two months to get the money back. You can keep it.

From a very annoyed pruis owner,
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