peanuts363 (peanuts363) wrote in bad_service,

I got one for you. See if you can top this!

So my car got stolen from my workplace at the end of october. I called the police, filled a police report, etc. They said they would contact me as soon as it was found. A few weeks go by, nothing, a few more weeks, still nothing. Finally on December 30th I get a letter in the mail saying they found my car... ON NOVEMBER 16TH! I read over the letter again and it was dated Dec 29th. So when I call the police department I get transfered three times, get told by this rather rude lady that the department ALWAYS notifies people on time (even when I pointed out that the notice is dated 45 days past the impound date, she just repeats herself), and finally I get someone tell me that the officer forgot to tell anyone that he found it. How does that happen?
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