Undead Kitten Of Cheap Beer (hardtogetover) wrote in bad_service,
Undead Kitten Of Cheap Beer

Merry Christmas, you heathen.

This took place on the day after the the last night of Hanukkah this year at the Target store in Ithaca NY, which is a city in upstate NY (home to Cornell University and Ithaca College). It does have at least one synagogue (possibly two), so Judaism and Jewish people are not necesarily foreign concepts to the residents. I wasn't mad so much as amazed.

R = me!

C = Chick that works at Target Ithaca (in Customer Service!) and gives all people who interact with her hopelessly blank stares.

R: Hi, do you know when the Hanukkah stuff goes on sale?
C: I can't tell you that.
R: Huh?
C: Corporate decides when we have different promotional sales. Even if I knew, I couldn't tell you.
R: Its not a promotional sale, its holiday merchandise. I waited until after Hanukkah to buy a menorrah because I thought it'd be on sale.
C: *blank stare*
R: When a holiday ends, all the related merchandise goes on sale, right?
C: Right. So?
R: Hanukkah ended. Yesterday. So shouldn't the stuff go on sale very soon?
C: We don't decide when we put things on sale, corporate decides.
R: Halloween stuff goes on sale on November 1st. Valentine's Day stuff, February 15th. Xmas...
C: Christmas items go on sale after Christmas because its a holiday.
R: Right! So since yesterday was the last night of Hanukkah, the stuff will go on sale...
C: I don't know, corporate decides when we have promotional sales, not individual stores.


R: Ok, I guess I'll just call corporate or wait or something. Thanks. *I start to walk away*
C: You're welcome. Merry Christmas!
R: *stares* I'm jewish.
C: Huh? You are?
R: I just spent ten minutes arguing with you about a menorrah and Hanukkah decorations.
C: *blank stare, completely not taking in anything I'm saying* Ok. Merry Christmas.
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