writerjess (okanagansun) wrote in bad_service,

Poor Pharmacy service

I have terrible luck with pharmacies. One recent example:

I went to have a prescription filled on a Friday night. Most of the time I go to a different place, but this was the only one open until 10 pm and I needed the prescription that night. So I drop it off and come back two hours later.

There were two employees on duty, one of whom looked quite busy filling prescriptions, while the other was helping a customer in the aisle. She and the customer returned to the desk, completed a transaction, and I was next in line, waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting, while the entire time the pharmacy employee and the customer were having a casual conversation about something completely unrelated to pharmacy business. I smiled and waved. I was ignored. I cleared my throat. I was ignored. I said "hi there" and was ignored. For five minutes, while these two shot the breeze and pretended I wasn't right there at the cashier immediately underneath the "prescription pick-up" sign.

Seriously, when you make good money to do a job that directly affects the health of others, you are expected to provide good customer service. I was the only one in line - if her conversation was so important, she could have at least put it on hold for thirty seconds so I could get what I needed and get out.

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