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CompUSA business solutions

Went to the CompUSA today, needed to get some equipment ASAP, otherwise I never really go there.
Headed over to the business counter, where there were 3 guys in suits, a woman who was behind the counter and obviously worked there, and one person I could not tell whether or not she worked there.  One of the guys was struggling to understand why you would need a piece of paper in the fax print try if you were going to send a fax (fax confirmation receipts evidently a new concept to him), one of the women, it seemed, decided her job was to watch as the rep on the fax worked on it.

One of the reps was on the phone for the person who was at the counter before me, and I guess I listened for a good 5 minutes to him calling people to find a piece of inventory.

The other rep answered the phone, which was directed at the tech dept, not business sales, and left the business sales to walk across the store to the tech department and stand in line for his customer on hold.

A few minutes go by, I look at my phone and it's 12:17 and the rep who was calling around for the cable says another store has them... I think "great, now he'll help me"... no such luck.  He takes the cable, I guess to return it, my fear is he was eaten by wolves.

The rep who was working on the fax never looked my way, he left and the woman who was watching him left too.  The other woman who I am not sure why she was around had disappeared at this point also.

The rep who went to wait in line got back, it was about 12:28 at this point, and he proceeded to tell the customer on the phone that the tech department was slammed and that the only way they were going to get an answer was to physically come to the store and stand in line to talk to the techs.  I looked over at the tech line and it was now 2 people with 2 techs talking to them.  He tells the customer he could take their number but that was not going to really do anyone any good.

Finally it's my turn.  I tell him the name of my company and it doesn't exist in their system.  This, I know is false as we have a long standing account with them, I tell him to try it again.  Yup, comes up..  He scans the items in, another rep appears and helps one of 6 people who have appeared.  My rep appears to blow a circuit and starts walking all around the place spinning and looking in every drawer he can find.  He wanders off, I don't say anything, I check my phone, it's 12:31.  I tap a note to myself to toss CompUSA business services a note about how although I get a discount with business services, the amount my employer has just paid for me to wait in line far exceeds the amount that we have saved.

A minute later the rep comes back, starts writing down numbers using a yellow highlighter (he was looking for a pen) - he enters a few things into the computer, takes my corp credit card, and goes to run it in the press, but now the customer behind me is on the press, so I wait a bit longer as the card gets pressed.

He asks if I have a pen as I now have to sign the receipt, nope... no pen... but he could have asked me during his long search for one.  I grab the yellow highlighter and sign my name in big bright yellow whooshies... he finally finds a pen and asks me to sign and I point out I already have signed.  He says his employers might think he did that.  I point out that they might think he signed my name with the little pen also, so I just trace the large shwoosy signature I had signed, and leave.

Well, I tried to leave.

Alarm goes off as I walk through the thing, so I come back in, he's busy now and waves me out.  I walk through the alarm again and a couple of people notice me walking out the front door so I decide to dance a little jig and clicked my heels together when I went through the front door.

Total time in there was about 30 minutes.  Total wait was around 25 minutes.  My total business savings was about $5.  Number of people I watched go through the 1 operating cash register up front was 12, but I wasn't paying attention at the beginning.

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