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Thank you for protecting us. NOT.

This happened yesterday night and I'm still pissed off about it.

Ohkay, so those of you who also visit customers_suck might know that I'm an assistant manager for a retail store. Said store is located in a mall, which is owned by Simon Malls. There's your backstory/info.

The mall itself closes at nine, but we usually stay open until a quarter after just to catch stragglers/other mall employees that might want to grab something. That night there were three of us in the store: myself and two sales associates. Right at nine-fifteen we closed, one of my sales associates locking our doors before she continued straightening merch. I was folding down a pile of shirts near the back of the store, about to leave that to start closing registers, when I noticed that some guys were standing outside the doors.

"Some", however, quickly became "over a dozen", all in gangster threads and just waiting there. Now, the city I work in isn't, say, Detroit, but it's still got issues with gang violence and is considered (usually tongue-in-cheek by my coworkers that work in far more affluent areas) as "ghetto".

Now, I'm used to our store being used as a meetup/landmark for people. "Meet me at Goth n Go, hurr!" You know how you can tell when people are waiting for friends or just milling around aimlessly? That's not how these guys looked. They were too close to our storefront and looked ready to start something.

At any rate, by this time the mall had been closed for a solid twenty minutes, plenty of time for loiterers to be ousted from the premises. I was getting a really, really bad vibe from the group and made up my mind that if they weren't making an effort to leave in the time it took for me to grab something from the backroom, I was going to call security.

True to form, they were still there when I emerged and by this time I was seriously spooked. Now, I'm not easily intimidated, but I honestly felt afraid for myself and my associates' safety. I called security, using their emergency number and I explained the situation, letting them know that there was a large number of men right outside our doors that did not belong there and "could you please send someone by because I do not feel safe".

Finally, right when I was hanging up the phone, they started to leave.

"But where's the bad service in this?" you're probably asking.

Well, the mall office never sent out a security guard. We were there for another hour after the gang left and saw neither hide nor hair of a single bloody rent-a-cop. I finished closing procedures with shaking hands, I was so sure the men were instead waiting for us when we went out to the parking lot.

As I write this now I'm completely furious. Some of my friends suggested that, since the mall has security cameras, perhaps they saw the men leave on camera and left it at that. To which I have to say, "bitch, give me a break".

I told them I felt threatened, that I felt unsafe and I was clearly afraid and they couldn't be arsed to even call me back to let me know everything was all right? And I've got to close the store again later this week; am I going to have to start carrying pepper spray and a tazer with me at night? Because clearly security's not going to be of any use in keeping me and my employees safe.

I've let my SM know what happened and I was going to file a complaint with mall management today, but their office was closed since it's Sunday.

Is there anything else I should do? Perhaps contact Simon's corporate HQ or something? This is going to be something that worries me every closing shift I work from now on and I refuse to work in fear.
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