Jenni (shiny_jen) wrote in bad_service,

Ikea Suck

This happened a while back, I remembered it when seeing an ad for Ikea's winter sale.

So, I bought a lot of furniture for my new house from Ikea because it's cheap but nice - hence pleasing both my dad and me. We went to get stuff on various trips, and this happened the last time we went.

We went to get 2 shelves to add to a bookcase we previously purchased. Simple, right? Now this particular range of bookcase has been selling there for years, and we didn't think there would be any hassle. But as I looked at the label to write down the number to collect it from the warehouse bit, I saw that there was a thing saying 'ask for assistance'. So I ask the guy standing by the nearest computer. He asks what I want, I tell him, he looks it up on the computer and prints out the price and information, telling us that we might have to go across the other side of the car park to an extra warehouse place to pick the shelves up, but we'd pay for them at the cashier here like normal. Okay, never done that before, it's the tiniest bit inconvenient (with all the other big furniture we're planning on buying) but that's fine.

So we get to the cashier, pay for all our other stuff, and show the cashier the printout. She says where we have to go to pick the shelves up, and we pay for them. It wasn't especially easy to find this extra warehouse, especially as it wasn't in view and car park lanes/directions/signs suck, but whatever. We get there, and join the (fairly long) queue. 15 minutes later, a woman comes to take our receipt, and comes back saying ', we don't have that in stock. We only had one in stock and it's gone. You'll have to go back to customer services to get a refund.' Surely they'd know what was in stock by computer since the original guy I asked said it was fine, the printout said it was in stock, and the cashier charged us for the shelves without us even picking them up. And if they only had one in stock, when I wanted two anyway, why did nobody pick that up in the first place?!

So after driving back to customer service, and waiting in another queue for 20 mins to get a refund on a product we'd paid for but hadn't even seen, you can imagine we weren't in the best of moods.

Point of using computers for stock checks? Point of 'ask for assistance' signs? Anybody?
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