kaycee (ballroom) wrote in bad_service,

light nail salon suckage.

so yesterday I went to a new nail salon to get a standard manicure & pedicure. the pedicure was alright, except for the fact that the young guy scrubbing my feet wasn't watching the water level - it spilled, got my shoes wet, etc. it was an uncomfortable walk out of the salon. but whatever, it's not a big deal.

the guy that did my manicure was a little iffy. he wasn't too horribly rude, but I got a bad vibe from him. they have this technique where they dip your hands in hot wax. they then put your hands in two seperate plastic bags, and then a heating bag. it later peels off & makes your hands softer.

I hadn't done this technique before, and although he assured me that the wax would come out of the ring I had on my finger - it didn't. even after scrubbing it, picking at it, etc. again - a minor annoyance, but nothing that I can't live with.

what really bothered me though, is that he made me bleed. I don't make a huge stink about this, because every time I get my nails done, my ring fingers or my pinky fingers will bleed a tiny bit. I have very sensitive skin around my fingers I guess. he didn't cut me - but he was pressing down SO hard on my right ring finger with a cuticle tool, that it started to bleed underneath my nail. I showed it to him, & he just shrugged and said "sorry". a price cut would have been nicer, seeing as I've heard horror stories where you can get an infection from those places & lose a finger or two. I didn't make a big stink out of it, STILL.

but you know what? when I'm paying you nearly $40 to do my nails, I expect that you will let me tell you what *I* want on my own fingernails.

I picked a pretty pink color, and stated that I wanted a design on both ring fingers. $5 extra - again, whatever. I picked out a pretty flower design with a small diamond in the middle of the flower. the design was a white & black flower. he pulls out blue & yellow. when I say "why are you doing it blue & yellow?" he didn't even respond. luckily, I liked how the colors looked together. but then AFTER he's done painting the flower, he said "oh we don't have any diamonds". it would have been nice if he would have told me that before hand, because what if I didn't want it without the flower?

again, not HORRIBLE service [I've experienced worse - such as, a nail specialist saying "don't you want to get your eyebrows waxed? they look horrible"] but just annoying. I probably will not return to that place again.
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