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Oh Circuit City! Why must you do this to me?

This is moderate bad service for


On Black Friday (Nov 24) I decided to purchase a video card for my new computer.  Before I left early in the morning, I decided to ensure I received one by purchasing one online before heading out to the store.  They had plenty in stock so I  purchased one at the b&m for immediate gratification.  The online and b&m price were exactly the same so why not?  I went home and canceled the online order. 

Bad Service
About a month later I receive my credit card bill to discover that had gone ahead and charged my credit card. 
Dec 21 - Email them to request a refund
Dec 25 - Received a reply asking me to be more patient and to "please allow some more time for the refund amount to be applied to your credit card account".  My concern had been forwarded to some Web Fulfillment Center. 
Jan 4 - My online statement shows no refund.  I email again requesting an immediate refund.
Jan 6 - I receive an email reply stating that my credit card had been refunded on Jan 4, 2007. 

Multiple bad service points from them.  Why was my refund not automatically applied after I canceled the order?  I'm sure they were busy during the Christmas shopping season but to be busy for the entire month?  Secondly why did a request to refund my order take nearly two weeks to even be credited?  I find it oddly coincidental that the refund occurred on the same date that I emailed them again. 

I have not seen the refund reflected on my online credit statement so I will be watching that for the next week to see if they come through.  If not, I might need to call them and say the magic words "chargeback from my credit card"

[edit]  I received my refund today 01/07/07  Yay!

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