Mika (mikachu) wrote in bad_service,

Another tale of a no-show christmas gift

I'm doing some Christmas shopping online on December 7th. I order from FTD.com two items, both the SAME, both to be delivered to the SAME address, and I requested they be delivered on or before December 22nd. The address I have these items delivered to is my childhood home, where my parents live, 3000 miles away, where I was spending a week for Christmas.

When I arrive home (December 22nd), one of the packages has arrived, unscathed, sitting on the counter for me to give as a gift to it's intended receiver. I check the status on the 2nd package which should have arrived, or closely following the first package and the FedEx website simply states that on the 19th of December "Package data transmitted to FedEx", which I have no idea what it actually MEANS, but I figure I'll give it the day to come, as it was stated it could be delivered as late as 9pm.

Christmas comes and goes with no sign of the package and no update on the FedEx website. I gave it the entire work week after Christmas to make itself become visible either in transit on the FedEx website or on the doorstep, but of course... no luck. I email FTD.com on December 28th asking for a resolution to this problem, as the tracking had not been updated and the delivery date requested had not been honored, though one package was delivered as ordered. They shot back an automated email that they'd inquire as to what happened with the order with the florist and get back to me in at least 24 hours.

It's currently been over a week since I received that email with no contact or message about the progress of my order. That's $39.74 (to include shipping) on my credit card that I'm being charged young-person-with-no-credit-ridiculous-interest on that I shouldn't be right now, as the tracking hasn't updated and my parents haven't received the package.

I send another email tonight, being less nice, no "please", no "thank you", just a blunt "This has not been resolved in an appropriate amount of time, give me my refund (to include shipping)." I receive the automated email in response and it just annoys me more, of course.

But luckily, not less than 10 minutes after the auto-reply, I actually receive an email telling me they're crediting me back the money paid for the no-show package. Refund must have been the magic word...

That teaches me to simply state what I actually wish to happen (the refund vs. the first open-ended "problem resolution"), if I want it to happen sooner than later and without my getting heated up over it.
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