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Ahh Eastlink, trying to fuck me again!

I just got my Easlink Cable bill in the mail today. I've actually been waiting about a week-ish for it to show up, because I knew it had to come soon. I didn't expect the surprise balance that I apparently owe, plus the late fee they somehow charge me before the bill was even late.

So lets see. My bill is dated December 24th. I had my cable installed (Basic tv and High speed internet) on the 24th of November. First month and installation was already paid for when the services were ordered. Which leaves me with a complete zero balance until the new bill comes. Which it has.
I am being billed for not the month just passed, but the one I will be using. My account summary says my billing period is 01/16/07 to 02/15/07 which... hasn't happened yet. Now, if that were the case, it would mean that my LAST billing period was 12/16/06 to 01/15/07. Which does, I suppose, make the late fee make sense. Sure, it's just $1.10 but it's the principle here. However, if there happened to have been a bill before this one, I did not receive it, and whoever did, must have paid it for me. Previous balance says $0.00.

So I wonder about this late fee. I would understand that by now, on this date (Jan 4, 2007) I might have been late paying, if the bill is dated Dec 24th, but according to the pay period, that date (and today's for that matter) is in the *middle* of the service period they seem to have established. There is no way any payments would have been late ON or BEFORE December 24th, so how can they send me a bill with a late fee on it, dated on the 24th? Not even to mention, the post date on the envelope is the 31st of December. So even if I WAS late paying, I received no notification of a bill prior to the late fee, the bill itself was late also, and their service period is screwed up. lol.

Second thing wrong with the bill:
My basic tv cable is $17.92. My Internet is $45.95. According to windows calculator, I should owe them $63.87. Plus tax. The bill says I owe them $128.97. That is over double. The reason for this, it seems, is a little thing which says "Adjustments - December 7 - Billing Adjustment" and I am charged $55.06 for it. I have no idea what this IS. No idea what they mean by 'adjustment' or what the adjustment is. I did not adjust my account in any way shape or form.

I am in no way at this point stressed about this bill. Like I said, I just received it today, so I will call them in the morning to straighten this out (hopefully, because I'm not paying $128!). I just thought the bill was rediculous enough to share, and point out everything that is wrong with it, which IS bad service. However, this isn't the first time I've had problems with Eastlink. Years ago when I used the service, I also had a bad run with them which they wouldn't fix. Hopefully the situation will be rectified tomorrow morning and I can update about some good service. If not, then I'll just have more bad service to share.
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