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Episode 3: The one where Anakin gets all emo

For background, not that anyone cares...Part 1 Part 2

So... I called verizon today to confirm my appointment. Called the latest number I had been given to call, got the *sarcastic shock* wrong department. They gave me a number for DSL support. Called, got a rep, gave the sob story & asked to speak with a supervisor, got put on hold- she comes back about 5 minutes later to tell me that she talked to her supervisor (did I ask you to talk to your supervisor? I worked in a call center one summer. I know supervisors hate talking to people, doesn't mean I didn't make them do it. you're just lucky I HAVE worked in one, otherwise I'd have been annoyed) and I have an appointment for... today. WHAT? Then she said something I totally didn't understand but the effect of which was that I had a "pending" appointment for the 8th. I said, so what is going to happen? She said she "believed" that someone would call me tomorrow to confirm the appointment.

At that point I was like: "I'm sorry, but with everything I've been through with this company, you "believing" that things are going to happen as they are supposed to is not good enough (and maybe it was just a poor choice of words on her part, but come ON). Can I please talk to a supervisor? I don't mind sitting on hold, I just want to talk to someone higher up."

So after about 5-10 minutes I get a guy who was pleasant, says he's going to call and figure out what is going on and call me back. So I wait, and he does about 10 minutes later to explain:

Basically, something is physically wrong with the line in the apartment, so they need to send out a repair tech to fix it. The first time they have available is the 12th. I say, wait a minute, what about my appointment on the 8th?

Now here is where things get *hilarious.* When the first guy stopped by my apartment, he had given me a tag with a number to call. On the tag, there is a box for what service the guy is coming to do. He had checked the box marked "installation." So every time I called someone asking to set up an appointment, even though I was explaining what was going on, the person on the other end had scheduled an installation tech.

However, there is no working line at my apartment. No reason to send out an installation tech to install something on a line that doesn't work, right? Well, every time someone set up an installation tech, the appointment sat in the computer for a day or so until someone (tech/computer I don't know) realized that there was no working line at the address and canceled the appointment. So then a few days later someone would call me to reschedule, and the process would repeat. So NO ONE ever noticed that the reason that the system was kicking out the appointment was that the line didn't work, because causing a nervous breakdown for me was much more efficient.

Unfortunately, I am going on a cruise as of the 12th, and will be gone for a week, so the 12th doesn't work. He said he'd call the techs back but we should schedule an appointment so we did, for the 22nd in the morning. I asked if there was any way I could be emailed or faxed that on paper so I had proof I had an appointment, but all he could give me was a confirmation number (oh, that's good, no paper trails of course. How do I know he didn't just read the serial number off of his computer? What am I supposed to do when I call back with a confirmation number and they're like: what's that?)

On a good service note, he actually called back and said he had finagled an "all day" appointment for the 10th, but my boss decided that I need to be around for the 10th as I have a HUGE project that needs to be finished before I leave (it's a thing for our biggest client). And I have a lot of work I'll need to catch up on the 22nd so I asked him if the 24th in the morning was open and he said OK.

I'm going to call back tomorrow to check and make sure that I have an appointment. Still, I have no faith that when I get back there will be any appointment scheduled, but at least I won't be paying for internet during my trip.

In other news, my mother had to call Verizon to discuss an unrelated phone issue at her house, and after talking to a supervisor was told by the supervisor never to speak to anyone who is not a supervisor in the business department, because it's the only way to get anything done. Wow. That gives me faith.

I got the address of corporate from the guy I talked to today, and I'll be writing up a complaint letter, because at this point I just freaking feel like writing this all out in an ordered & detailed format so I can see how ridiculous it really looks.
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