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Ok, so I have been waiting for two hoodies from American Apparel to come via UPS. I checked the tracking, and it was out for delivery today. Yay!

I wasn't feeling too well, so I decided to come home from work a little early. I was glad about that, because I hate when they leave my package with the neighbor because it can sometimes take days before I can get it from her.

I make some lunch and sit down to watch TV in the living room, which faces two streets (I live on the corner). Here is a diagram of my apartment to make things easier:

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So the middle door goes to the two apartments upstairs (mine is one of them) and the other two are other apartments. The round thingies are wreaths my landlord put up that sort-of block the doorbell, but you can still see the letters "A" and "B", and every pizza delivery to my apartment in the last 3 weeks has been a success, so it's not like the doorbell is impossible to find, especially for a person whose job entails going to apartments and ringing doorbells.

I heard a truck on my street, so I looked out the window and saw the UPS truck right outside my building with the driver getting back in the truck. This was about 20 past 2 PM. An hour ago.

Nobody had rang the doorbell, so I figured maybe he had a package for my neighbor, who was also home and whose doorbell is not blocked. I was curious 15 minutes later, so I looked at the tracking online and it said "DELIVERED 2:23 PM EST".

I went to my downstairs neighbor who is an old lady, and she said nobody knocked on her door and she didn't get any packages. I look at the front porch and the sides of the porch, and the side of the building that my landlord's driveway is on, and no box.

I sigh, go upstairs, and check the tracking again. Delivered. 2:23 PM EST. I notice one more thing: Location - PORCH.

Go back outside, walk around the entire building not once, but TWICE. No package.

I got pretty pissed, so I called UPS to complain at about 3 PM. The guy on the phone was very nice, and I explained what happened and that I had checked the entire perimeter of my building and didn't see a package. I asked if he could call the driver and ask where the fuck he left my box, and he said he couldn't do that, but he could submit a complaint because the driver shouldn't have left a package without even ringing the doorbell.

I admit, calling to complain 40 minutes later may have been an overreaction, but I figured if I didn't call right then, I would have no credibility (in the event that it was stolen or he wanted to keep my shit) on the fact that I was home, I saw the guy, and he still didn't ring the doorbell. I live in a city, a very small and safe city, but still, a city. You don't leave packages out when there is no place to put them without a good chance of them being stolen.

About 20 past 3, my roommate comes home -- while I am typing my rant -- and plops a package down on the futon. I ask her where she found it, and it was on the stairs. It's pretty spooky how it materialized there all of a sudden, after I complained.

I fear what happens next time I get a delivery from UPS after filing a complaint on my driver. I guess I'll request USPS from now on. =[
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