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Why did it take me a half hour to buy ONE drink this morning?
*waves lesbian fists of RAGE*

I go to the campus bookstore to grab a sprite since I had some time to kill.
There are three people at the counter, the manager and two guys.
Guy number one is new and having massive trouble with the cash register and checks, guy number two is sitting there chatting away with his friend. The manager is sitting there looking bored.
Fifteen minutes go by and the scenerio has not changed at all except there is an incredibly long line behind me at this point.
I say "to hell with this" put my soda away and go to the pub across the street.
I wait in a short line, get to the front and the phone rings. The cashier picks up the phone and starts talking to her friend. I wait.... and wait... and wait....
Finally she hangs up and WALKS AWAY FROM THE REGISTER to tell her co-worker something.
Had I not needed caffiene so badly I would have just left.
Finally the manager came and I was about to complain until I realized I was late.
*stomps away*
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