ellie (selador) wrote in bad_service,

HH gregg kinda sucks a big one

I bought a Canon Rebel XTi at HH Gregg.  This is a camera I have been saving up money to buy for a long while now.  My mom split the cost of this $900 camera with me for my birthday/christmas.
I get home, I read all the manuals that come with it.  I learn every aspect of my new camera and I set the settings.  The next day when I got to put the camera together, I notice the lense is broke at the base.  I go to take the lense back off to take it back to HH Gregg when it breaks the rest of the way.

We get to the store, I explain that it was broken when I got it and that it broke the rest of the way when I went to take the lense off.  All the customer serive lady said was "That's your fault, we can't cover user damage and you can't prove we broke it.  Send it to Canon.  NEXT!".

Okay.  I sent it to Canon.  And I guess I take responsibility for not examining the camera at the store.   I know I shouldn't of attempted to take the lense off myself... But people don't just break $900 cameras the day after they buy them.  And people who are paying that kind of money for a camera are going to guard that thing with their lives.

moral of the story, don't buy for Dublin, Ohio's HH gregg.  They man handel their electronics and blame you.

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