Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

Verizon, Verizon, Verizon... You have idiots working for you.

Complete and total idiots.

My previous posts on Verizon include the original complaint, the first follow up and a reply to someone else's Verizon "service".

As I mentioned in a reply to another person, we finally have new IPs and everything is pretty much working. Almost.

My own domain name is still not pointing to the correct IP and when you ping it you get the old IP and of course a "request time out". Now, I know it's not the name servers completely as the old IP and new IP all run off the same nameserver - BIGGUY.GTE.NET and OTHERGUY.GTE.NET. My own server has been updated so the IIS is pointing to the correct IP. I can log in to my FTP and access the website via IP but not via the domain name. It's something on their end.

Hubby calls up and they tell him everything is fine and dandy on their end so obviously it's something on our end. ::rolleyes:: Of course this continues for a couple of hours of calling every half hour to talk to someone else. The store's domain name is working just fine. The other domain names are working just fine but not mine. So the hubby again calls and find out that yup, it was something on their end. They didn't update the A record (address record) for the DNS, only the MX record (mail exchange record) for mail which is why I could get my email but not pull up the domain name. Idiots but of course it was something on our end causing the problem... not theirs, never their fault. ::rolleyes::

Anyone willing to take bets that the "six months of free service" will be something we'll have to fight for? Nevermind the fact we were without service from Xmas Day (December 25th) up to January 2nd! Thankfully my domain isn't a commercial site and I don't make money from that domain name but we do off the business domain AND from people calling us to order. Thanks Verizon for costing us business from December 26th to January 2nd. (Yes, we're open on January 1st.)

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