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Last night my ex and I had tickets to a concert at 7:30. He called a local steak house to make a reservation for dinner. They said they didn't expect to be busy so no reservation was necessary.
Fast forward an hour as we pull up to the restaurant and can't find a parking place. Apparently many of the other concert goers had the same idea. Oh well. We put our name on the list and wait the 30 minutes knowing it was going to be tight.
Our waitress started out very efficiently, taking our order for our steaks to put them in so we can be out on time to make the show. The steaks took longer than we had hoped but it still left us enough time to eat fast and get to the show.
This is where the bad service came in.
We asked for our check with 20 minutes to go until curtain time. five minutes, ten minutes go by. I wave the server over and attempt to hand her my credit card but she waves it away and says she will be right back with the check. Another ten minutes go by. The show is starting and we can't seem to PAY for our meal!!!
My ex finally goes up to the bar and insists on the check.
I know the server was busy but she acknowledged she knew we had a show to attend and she ignored our request for the check for 20 minutes!
The show was great but I am annoyed we missed the beginning.
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