Sevillana de Corazón (ladystewart) wrote in bad_service,
Sevillana de Corazón

Bad service blamed on customer, how original

This isn't the first I've dropped a link to something in customers_suck that really belongs here.

Short version: An admittedly (but moderately) annoying customer situation at photo printing. The employee's response was to purposely tamper with the photo development. -_-

(I'm a link to the show! Click me!)

Edit: After it was pointed out her story changed three times from "I pwned the customer" to "I made it better" to "you can't tell the difference", the original post has been deleted. Soo...

codevixen has posted in customers_suck

My very first customer of the day - 8:15am - was a fucking bitch. She first walks up to the counter while I have my hands in the black bag, opening film and paper for the morning tests.

Bitch: Hi.
Me: ::gesturing with head towards bag:: Just a minute. ::smile!::
Me: ::finishes up, gets envelope for her film, goes to the computer:: Your phone number please?
Bitch: [number]. I want double prints. Do you have the special with a CD?
Me: The special?
Bitch: Double prints with the CD for free?
Me: No, but we can get you a CD for $2.99 extra.
Bitch: You don't have the CD special?
Me: No.
Bitch: Bartell's does it. They have a special where you buy double prints and get a CD for free. ::waits, as if for me to say something::
Me: ....we're not Bartell's.

Bitch goes OFF HER ROCKER. Starts yelling "Why do you have such an attitude to me?" and "Why are you in customer service? You need to learn good service!" My manager comes over because he was passing by, and she goes "She has an attitude!" He says "I'm sorry?" and she starts yelling at him about me. Two other employees migrate over because she's fucking LOUD and making a scene, and they all try to calm her down while I'm standing there gaping, because she's barely letting anyone get a word in edgewise. Finally, they manage to placate her, and then - then! - they leave and I still have to take in her photo order. Meanwhile, I'm starting to shake because I can't stand confrontation, and when I finally get her away from me, I run straight to the cooler to CRY.

But I got my revenge on her. When she receives her pictures tomorrow morning, they will be very slightly tinged cyan! Ha ha ha! ... ha. Sigh.

Edit: Aww, this now has its very own post on c_suck_snark lol. I have to admit I'm boggled but amused.
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