Misty (krazydiva) wrote in bad_service,

Cracker Barrell

I have usually never had anything but great service from Cracker Barrel, but Yesterday was a completely different story. I married into a very large family, so when we all go out eat together, we understand there is going to be a wait. We went there Monday morning at 10:30, and were quoted a 45 minute wait. There was 10 adults and three toddlers. After about an hour wait, I went to check to see how much longer it was going to be. They had skipped us on the list, and were calling several tables of 5 and 6. We could have easily had two tables that hold five pushed togehter, and three highchairs and we would have been set. Another hour goes by, so we have now been waiting for two hours. They call our name, and the manager just points in a general direction and says "those two tables". They weren't even remotely close to each other. When I asked why we weren't sitting together, he informed me that "they don't accomodate large parties". So, then I ask, if we weren't even going to sit together, why did we have a two hour wait. He didn't answer me, but rather rolled his eyes and walked away. I have a very loud sister in law that voiced her disapproval until they decided to put two tables of four together, and put it beside our table, so that we would all be at least in speaking distance of each other. The waitress that was going to help us saw this and flew off the handle, complaining that we were using to many tables, and she "doesn't have the time to deal with us". About that time, another waitress comes by and says "By the way, we are out of eggs". By this time, the toddlers were getting hungry and restless, and we decided just to leave. On the way out, we asked for the phone number to the corporate office, and they gave us a fake number. I guess they didn't figure that we would be smart enough to look up the real number on the internet.

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