Living To Dream (livingtodream) wrote in bad_service,
Living To Dream


Walmart Subway
I stopped in a local subway feeling like crap so this being a minor annoyance probably seemed 500 times worse in my head as I was sick and grumpy to start with.
Started off with only one person behind the counter, I understand people go in the back to do other thing ect. No major big deal until I started to watch the kid (I don't use kid to be mean but he looked no older then 13).
He was moving at a pace that molasses in January would fly past him. It took him easily one min or more to lay down ONE row of meat on a foot long, I think it was 5-6 slices in all or something small. Now add in that said sandwich was 3 layers of types of meats this took painfully long. At this point there where 2 people behind me, it wasn't until they gave up on the kid and left that he went in back and grabbed someone else that came out and started making my sub.
This is where I got a bit mad. I was getting Tuna, strike one was he reached into the seafood mix bin and pulled out the scoop for it. Looked at it, shook it out, tapped it a few times and then dove into the tuna.
I don't like any seafood but tuna, and I saw clearly that there was seafood still in it. I watched like a hawk and it must have been wedged tightly as I never saw it come out on my sub or I'd of raised hell.
Offense #2 was they let a walmart guy butt in front of us, to get soup and some other odd non-sub things and Chat a while.
I was sick and about fed up when they checked me out. Needless to say I won't be going back

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