Mika (mikachu) wrote in bad_service,

Stinkin' cabs!

I don't think I posted about this, but if I have, let me know!

My husband and I went over for a fight night at a friend's house. A handful of other friends had been at a restaurant and called a cab to get a ride to the house. The cab wasn't showing up at the time they requested, so they called and cancelled it, getting a ride to the house some other way.

Well, one of the guys had dropped his cell phone in the grass by the restaurant and the cab was just minutes away when they cancelled. They left before the cab got there, though. The cab driver arrived and saw the cell phone on the grass, picked it up and took it with him.

Soon enough, the guy missing his cellphone called it with another guy's cellphone and the cab driver answered. The cab driver decided to hold it for ransom! He was going to charge them the cost of what the cab ride would have been (about $30), since he lost their business because they cancelled on him for not picking them up on time. I don't know how the story ended, but talk about swindling cheating small town cab drivers!

Back last christmas, a lot of us Airmen had to take cabs to get to their airport to fly out home. Most of the classroom instructors reminded us that the cab authority (or whatever you call it) put a cap on the cost of how much the cabs were able to charge to take people to the closest airport. It was $25 per carload (regardless of how many heads were actually in the vehicle). After the holidays, I had a lot of friends talk about a specific cab company that was known for overcharging, charging per person $25. Unfortunately, my friends didn't know any better, paid, and didn't even report it to the cab authority (or whatever you call it).
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