_otravez (_otravez) wrote in bad_service,

This should count as bad_service.

I started my job about two months ago. They told us that direct deposit for our checks would take about two pay periods to kick in. I signed up, and assumed that my third check would go in directly to my bank account. It didn't. I mentioned this to HR who told me it would definitely kick in on the next check. They apologized, but seemed annoyed that I was "bothering" them. Well, I'm sitting here and it's Saturday with no money whatsoever.

My direct deposit did NOT kick in like HR told me it would. So, yesterday I'm expecting to get paid. But I didn't. With paper checks, they "pay" you on Friday, but mail it to you, so it gets to you on Saturday. Or, that's what they want you to think. Last time, I had to wait until Tuesday when they finally decided to mail me my check. Now, it's Saturday and I'm worried that I'm not going to get my check until next week.

There is a big problem with this. I did what I needed to do, and signed up for direct deposit. And they apparently don't care that I can't afford to wait for my checks. My rent is due on the first, I've got a lot of bills to pay and I can't pay them without any money.

And mentioning this to HR again, they tell me that it isn't their fault. And that with the mailed out checks, that happens a lot and you know, it's the post office... they just aren't delivering my mail to me. No, I get everything... just not my check. I get all my junk mail... I get my bills... but nope... No check. I really doubt the post office is holding my check somewhere.

I don't really know what to do about this other than what I've been doing all day. Being sick to my stomach, worried that I'm not going to get my check until next week.
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