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Subway Suck

A few months ago, my fiance and I went to the Subway at Salisbury, near the cinemas. It was lunch time, and there was a large line, and only 1 girl there. She was large, and very, very slow. I don't care that she was large, it was just her distinguishing feature, and it will come into play later. It took us half an hour to get our subs, because she was so awfully slow. We figured it was her first day, and so we weren't too concerned. About a month later, we went back on a Saturday, the same day we were there last time. The same girl was there, by herself, and she was JUST AS SLOW. And I had to repeat my order about 4 times, and it wasn't anything out of the ordinary, just a roast beef footlong and a six inch BMT. We also noticed her name tag was different to last time, because this time we wanted to report her. There were no feedback slips or anything, and once we got home we forgot about it, until today. The Subway near my parents house was closed, and we needed to get dinner for my parents, my fiance and I, and my brother. So since the Salisbury Subway was the next closest and convenient, we went there. As we were driving there, my fiance said "I hope that large slow girl isn't there, otherwise this is going to be painful." Guess what. Today was a Saturday, and the large slow girl (who was wearing a different name tag yet again) was the only one in sight. And this time, we needed to order 2 salads, 2 footlongs and 1 six inch. I told her my order, as clearly as I could. She looked at me blankly, and said "Sorry?". I repeated it, and she said nervously "I'll just go get someone else." She returned with a sour-faced girl who seemed extremely unhappy about having to work. The slow girl got started on the salads, and the other girl asked what was on the subs. I told her one, then started to tell her the other and she cut me off and said "I'm just doing this one." So I kept quiet, and had fun trying to direct both girls at once on what salads I wanted. I wanted the first one toasted, and I had to ask for it, since she didn't ask me. While it was toasting, she just stood there, which was weird, I thought she could have started another sub. But it wasn't until she'd wrapped that one that she asked what was on the others. Meanwhile, the slow girl is still making the salads, and there is a long line out the door. It ended up taking about 20 minutes to get everything done, and they didn't have any olives and didn't apologise or even tell me, I realised it after a while but didn't say anything because it was difficult enough as it was.

Now, this is the third time we've gotten this slow girl, and she really seems to just be a slow person. Everything she does is painfully slow, and she has a look of hard concentration on her face the whole time. But, because her name tag is never the same, we don't know her name, and therefore can't tell a manager about her. We feel it would be rude to describe her as the large girl, but she really doesn't have any other distinguishing features. How can we complain about her?
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