Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

Still having Verizon problems

A continuation of this story and update.

Supposedly we were supposed to get our DSL back on by 10 AM today. No dice. In fact by 1 PM the hubby calls Verizon to find out someone canceled the appointment with the tech (who was supposed to come out by 10 AM) because... get this... there was a HUGE STORM in our area.


It's been somewhat cold today but no wind at all. It's been sunny and bright. A clear beautiful day.

So the earliest they can do anything will be TUESDAY!

That's over one week without our website, our ips, our phone service (again, it's voip), etc, etc.

Gee, thanks Verizon. Thanks a whole freaking lot.

So far we have had over 440 missed phone calls since Monday according to our SunRocket logs.

Edit @ 7:34 PM Pacific

There business tech support page lists the phone number as 1-888-649-9500 to contact BUSINESS tech support. Guess what THAT number goes to? RESIDENTAL tech support or so the customer rep said before transferring the hubby over!

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