lilith_sternin (lilith_sternin) wrote in bad_service,

Quick question

I frequently visit a Subway sandwich shop because it is close to my work and relatively inexpensive. I usually pay by debit card.

They ask if I want a copy of my receipt, and in the past I would usually say no. Sign the slip, take off. However, more than once, when I checked my bank statement, the amount debited would sometimes be more than the purchase - sometimes almost $2 more. I know some places charge a debit fee, but I never saw that posted anywhere.

I have since taken great care to fill out the "0" in the tip section and the exact amount under that and ask for a receipt, but I was wondering how common this really is? Obviously, it was my mistake for not asking for a copy of the receipt, because now I can't prove it, but it's not like the copy was a carbon copy anyway that would reflect my signature on the story copy - it was just a second printout.

For the record, I am not anti-tipping and if I pay in cash I will put something in the tip jar from time to time - I am just wary of who actually gets the tip if I fill out a credit card slip at the register. Especially if it looks like they're stealing from me anyway.

Any other explanation for this? I really don't want to think some kid is stealing from me, but...that's how it looks, since the overcharges are not consistent (sometimes it's dead on).

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