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This isn't horrible, life-altering bad service.

To me, however, it's a

I drive 45 minutes each way to get to work. I don't function well without my daily dose of carbonated caffeine, so often when I've run out of soda at the house, I'll stop and buy a 20 oz. Coke as I leave in the morning.

The two most convenient places to stop are Speedway gas stations. They're only about a mile or two apart, and I've taken to wondering if they're owned by the same person, because my experience is always the same no matter which one I stop in. Now, nine out of ten other gas stations I stop at, the transaction takes me less than a minute or two. I go to gas stations (and not 7-11 or Walgreens/CVS) to get my sodas because I assume it'll be an in-and-out proposition. This one holds me up for 5-10 minutes every single time I stop.

It's always the same story; I pop in and grab my soda out of the cooler, and head to the front. There are almost always at least 3 employees behind the counter, all chatting amiably with one another, and invariably not a single one is ringing customers. There's usually a queue of around 3-4 people, all of whom have been waiting since before I even came in the door, and eventually one of the employees will stop dicking around with cigarette signage and begin checking us out.

Then, each and every time they ask in an overly-chirpy way "Do you have a Speedy rewards card?" I always respond (politely, I may add), "No, and no thank you." I do this because the next thing they do is try to badger me into getting one. "Oh, it only takes a know you get great rewards

The first few times, I was like "meh, whatever". But this is going on every single day. I know it's their job to push the card, and I don't mind it so much, but they never give up. I just want to give them my dollar-fifty and get back in the car, you know? And they keep asking about it, three times before they give up. Also, when there are people standing around, waiting to pay for their gas or candy (or soda!), why would you keep looking at them like they're intruding on your quality co-worker time? You're here to take my money! Seriously, this morning I timed it on my watch. From the time I "got in line" and one of the Chatty Cathys met my eye, it took over 3 minutes for them to stop their conversation and say "oh, Steve can take you right here". I was the only one in line.

It really bugs me. In the great scheme of things, 3 minutes isn't that long, and perhaps I should take a chill pill. Ultimately, though, like well more than half the working population of Detroit, I leave home with just enough time to make a quick stop and get to work on time. What I really need to do is to haul my ass to the store and stock up on sodas, because this morning I actually thought about trying to contact the owner and being all, "Your stores are well-staffed, well-stocked, well-lit, and very nice, but getting someone to ring me up for a damned Coke when I'm on my way to work shouldn't be so difficult!" Speedway, my ass.

Like I said, not horrible service, just consistently annoying and frustrating service. Thanks for letting me rant!

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