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From bad to worse... Verizon headaches this time.

Well this seems to be our week to have shitty service from various other businesses.

We lost Internet connection at our business. At first what the hubby noticed, on Monday, was that our server was down. We didn't think much of it since we were at the store on Sunday wrapping Xmas presents so we figured we just accidentally disconnected the plug from the server. We've done it before so didn't think much about it. On Tuesday we had no phone service and chalked it up to Sunrocket (Voice Over Internet Protocol; voip) having issues, again, we've had outages that lasted several days a few weeks ago (in either October or November) OR thought maybe Verizon was having problems due to the weather in the Seattle area. So since Monday, our phone number had been "disconnected" or so we thought.

The problem, as we discovered today, was not that Sunrocket was having problems (again) BUT rather that Verizon gave our business IPs away! According to the rep the hubby talked to, our IP block was assigned to another company back in September (13th)! Now our IPs are static, they're not supposed to change EVER. The IPs were assigned to our business account. Right now we have no DSL at work, no phone (because it's voip), no websites (business, hosted and my own). It wasn't given away or disconnected due to non-payment, hell we're AHEAD on our payment with them and have a credit of $100 with them! WHY is something that supposedly took place in September just NOW affecting us? We know we had Internet on Sunday morning because we were there at the store wrapping Xmas gifts and I called the house, before 2 PM, just fine. So the change made in September - that we were NEVER notified about - took place sometime Monday.

What's laughable is that one "supervisor" said to email him some kind of paper work. (Ah, we are supposed to email him a request for a DNS change.) Uh huh? How? We have no Internet at work! No way to access the email, no way to send the email. Moron.

Now according to the rep we spoke to and the supervisor, there is nothing they can do about getting our IPs back. Our IP block ranging from ##.###.###.08 to ##.###.###.13 is gone. We've lost business for the last three days because of this mess. No one can access our website, no one can contact us (except through voice mail since the callers go to our voice mail).

Who knows how much business we've actually lost with customers thinking we're closed! Stupid Verizon.
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