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A note to Subway

*obligatory first-post-point-out*

Today was the day we (we = me, my sister and my dad) went down and took advantage of the Boxing Day - or "Boxing Week" as seems to be the trend - to redeem some of the giftcards we got for Christmas from relatives who don't know us well enough to give gifts. That's another story, though.

Anyways, Dad took us to Subway afterwards, because it was fairly close to lunchtime and we were all hungry (a natural reason to go out and get food). This is where the gripe-worthy part starts.

First of all: Why would anyone hire people who speak barely-intelligible English for a position where they need to communicate with customers well enough to take orders? I almost ended up with a toasted sandwich because I had no clue what the woman taking my order said even after asking her to repeat it twice. The only reason I clued in at all was that I saw her lifting it towards the little toasting-oven behind her. And I had to tell them about three times - with gestures - that I wanted black olives on the side, not in the sandwich. Is there seriously that much of a shortage of people who speak English comprehensibly, or is this just a product of lazy hiring?

And their drink machines drip. I didn't want to get my hand covered in orange soda, thankyouverymuch. Furthermore, for some bizarre reason, the coffee cup lids were right next to the soda machine (and, no, there wasn't a coffee machine next to it), so I spent a few minutes freaking out about the lack of a hole for the straw before Dad pointed out that the soda lids were on the other side of the machine (completely obscured from where I was standing). Is it that hard to put some fucking labels on the two kinds of lids?!

They also put my sandwich on Italian bread instead of wheat like I ordered, but I didn't mind that, because it was actually better than the wheat (reminiscent of garlic bread) and dropped less crumbs. I think I'll actually order that instead next time.

EDIT: *facepalm* I'm not saying that people should be turned down for jobs because of their ethnicity/race/skin color/shoe size/preferred pizza toppings. I'm just saying that they should be able to speak English well enough to be understood if they're in a job where they need the customers to understand what they're being asked (I couldn't care less about the race of the employee in question). All I want is to be reasonably sure that the sandwich I end up with will in some way resemble the one I thought I was ordering.
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